Hades Free Download is a Single-Player game developed and published by Supergiant Games. The category of Hades is Action, Roguelike, Survival, and RPG (Role Play Game). The Official release date of Hades Free Download was August 13, 2021. At this time, this game was only for Playstation, XSXS, and Xbox users. But after a month, the Same Version was Officially Launched for Windows and Maco users Players.

Only the Users of PlayStation 4-5, Xbox One, and X/S series can consider playing this game. Such Limitations are not for Windows and Maco users. They are free to play this amazing game as they want, just they have to arrange the Beast PC for an ultimate experience.

Overview Of Hades Free Download Gameplay

Hades Free Download game was launched in late 2021. The latest update/version was launched/Released at the beginning of 2022 with the name Hades II. In this version, they made unbelievable vital changes and additions. As the latest version was released this is only for online game engines like Steam, Unity, CryEngine, or other paid engines. At this time, You can consider our site for free download in a safe environment.

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Hades Free Download

Key Features of Hades Free Download

hades features


Hades is a story-based game in which we have to move to hell to defeat our demons. In the gameplay, we get five main characters with some Olympian Powers. In the beginning, this game will not enough harder for any players, but real adventure is at the heart of this game.


The development team of Hades offers over 30 Characters including heroes and Demons. All of these characters have their powers and abilities to use in the war. Our main and vital characters are almost “5” The names are written below;

Zagreus (Son of King)
Dionysus (God of Wine)
Poseidon (God of the Sea)
Ares (God Of War)
Artemis(Goddess of the Hunt)

If we talk about demons and other Paranormal Characters, they are more than 20. If you want to defeat them in their houses then you have to use one law (Divide And Rule). This is the only way that we can destroy them. You can also consider the Mythic Heros(Achilles) as a partner in this war.

In Demons of hell, we get tons of enemies and some Basic Enemies. This will be the hardest journey for you to defeat them. In the major demons characters, we get

Vanquish (Bloodthirsty Bosses) Alecto
Sinister Monsters (Dusa)
Impressive Underworld Gods (Chaos, Thanatos, Nyx)

They also have unbelievable powers and Combos with higher damage. If you want to defeat them you just have to use your skills, Combos(moves), and upgraded weapons to deliver severe damage.

Create Unique Combos:

As I already mention, We have to use the Combos to defeat our enemies. In the beginning, this is too tough for you to learn Combos, but after some time everything will be easy for you. The key point about this game is that we are free to create our own combos and moves to use them in the war. This will give unexpected damage to our enemies and demons.


Games of these categories are based on unique gameplay themes and features. the most highlighting and noticeable feature of this game is “Upgrade” With this process, the efficiency of everything will be increased. In the gameplay, we get weapons, Character Levels, types of equipment, and other things all of these things easily upgradeable. If you upgrade all of these things, no one will defeat you even the king of demons is nothing to you.

Unbelievable Music Quality With Adorable Soundtracks:

This is the top vital feature of the game, that will help to gather the attraction of our players. Whether they are new or our regular players. With the soundtrack, we can easily recognize it only by hearing the sound of any character. If we talk about the music, then the gameplay music is adorable. You will love to gameplay under a wide range of music.

Titan-Slaying Weapons:

These weapons are the only thing that helps us to take down our enemies in a short time. Hades offer almost 6 main weapons, and most of our players love to use them only because of their damage and comfort.

System Installation & Requirements

Downloading guides of hades
  1. Firstly, download Hades from the below setup button.
  2. Extract the download folder and run the executable file.
  3. Now complete the installation process.
  4. Copy and paste the crack file from the downloaded folder in the program files folder.
  5. It is ready to work and enjoy it freely.
Memory16 GB
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
CPUIntel Core i7-8700K
File Size150 GB
OSWindows 10

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Hades gameplay

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many weapons are Hades offer?

We get a wide range of weapons, almost every character has its weapon but if we talk about our hero’s weapons then they are using 6 weapons and also we can upgrade them.

Can we play Hades with our friends?

No, this game is a single-player offline game. So, this doesn’t offer this feature.


Hades Free Download is the underworld game. In the gameplay, we have to defeat all of the enemies of hell who are trying to conquer our regions. The gameplay is pretty amazing and comes with unique twists in the story mode. If we talk about its user-friendly interface, then this is quite interesting and easy to adopt.

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